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Peacock Ore
Scintillism: [ˈsɪn.tɪ.lɪ.zəṃ]
An artistic movement characterized by the exclusive use of projected light as the medium, and in which the light is the sole subject of the work. From the Latin scintilla "particle of fire, spark, glittering speck" and " *skai- " to shine, to gleam"
Ever wonder what it would be like to paint with color?  Not colored oil or water or mud, just pure colored light?
  1. Photograph an interesting rock, leaf, vegetable, etc. with your phone, or find any source of projected light: flashlights, luminescent fish, objects afire.
  2. Turn out the lights.
  3. Paint by projecting the light of the image toward a camera.
  4. Turn on the lights, see what you've got.
Repeat until it's art.
I hope you enjoy my work.
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